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Friday, 9 May 2008

Ceredigion prospects

The council elections were a triumph for Plaid Cymru when analysed on a county wide basis, the % of the vote increased from 38.9% to 43.3% and the number of councillors +3 to 19, the highest total ever. In the 1995 elections Plaid Cymru had 7 seats compared to the 6 held by the Liberal Democrats, in the intervening 13 years, Plaid Cymru have increased by 12 to the 19 total while the Liberals have gained 4 to make a total of 10. The simple truth is that Plaid Cymru gains are three times those of the Liberal Democrats. Gains by all parties are at the expense of the Independents. Yet, the Independents still claim a mandate to rule even though they have lost seats in all elections since 1995 and are the second group by a fair distance. The Liberals will form a coalition with them and conveniently set aside their policy on proportional representation. It is impossible to run a Council with such a small majority and a lack of democratic mandate.

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