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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Right hand....Left hand Liberal Democrats

The story started when 6 English Liberal Democrat MPs signed an amendment laid by before Parliament by Tory MP Graham Stuart that removed the power of the Assembly to make laws on home education. Plaid MP Hywel Williams pointed out that this was another example of Lib Dems making policy in London without consulting, or bothering to consult their politicians in Wales. I don't know what the Welsh Liberal Democrat MPs were doing but obviously had their eyes away from this ball. Perhaps they were not even at Westminster?! After the StAthan investment cuts debacle and the plan to cut Welsh MPs to 28, all introduced without informing their Welsh representatives, we should not be surprised at shambolic activity from this shambolic party. David Cornock has a good report here and the BBC here. This episode rather emphasises again the point made in the Independent about the relative effectiveness of the Liberal Democrats. Election soon please Mr Brown to remove this rabble.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Winning the referendum.

Now that the Assembly has set and pulled the trigger for the referendum we need to start the campaign, General Election or not. Mrs Jones in Penparcau or Penparc will not care about the difference between Part 3 or 4, what will be of concern is the quality and reliability of public services. True Wales have been allowed to frame the debate as one where the poor quality of public services is the fault of the Assembly and further powers will only make things worse. Negative rubbish! The agrument that Wales needs the additional powers to deliver better public services has not been properly deployed and it must not be left too late. Cymry Yfory Tommorrow's Wales is organising event to focus the debate, if you can attend - do.

An Independent view on Plaid Cymru MP's

According to the Independent newspaper the three Plaid Cymru Members of Parliament are “a great parliamentary asset”. In his parliamentary sketch, journalist Simon Carr, hailed “Plaid Cymru’s fearsome threesome” as having had “more effect on Parliament than the entire Liberal Democrats”. O dear! This can't have gone down well in Lib Dem circles having spent most of Conference time last week trying to paint Plaid Cymru MPs as irrelevant at Westminster. This recent article in the Independent proves that it could not be further from the truth!

Quite an event!

We managed to fill Llwyncelyn Hall last Friday (05 February 2010) for the official launch of the campaign, I was joined by Plaid Cymru members and supporters and special guests Angharad Mair and Dai Jones, Llanilar, as well as Ceredigion AM Elin Jones. In the current climate filling a hall for a political meeting is a huge success, I can only thank all who attended and thank Angharad Mair and Dai Jones Llanilar for their kind words of support. It was a huge boost for all and reminded many of the fervour leading up to the successful campaign to elect Cynog Dafis in 1992.
There are more pictures here.

12 per cent of Bronglais alcohol-related treatment involve under 18s.

We should be concerned at the number of under 18s admitted to Bronglais General Hospital with alcohol related problems. Figures obtained by Plaid Cymru show that since 2002, an average of 12.2 per cent of individuals needing treatment for alcohol-related problems at Bronglais Hospital. This compares to an average of 8.8 per cent for all hospitals in the Hywel Dda LHB area and a Welsh average of 7.1 per cent during the same period. Dyfed-Powys Police Force recently received new powers to tackle underage drinking in the Policing and Crime Act. The new law gives the police to confiscate alcohol from under 18s, tackle persistent underage drinkers and charge businesses supplying alcohol to minors. The Police need to be using these powers and we need to raise alcohol awareness with added education in schools.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

When Parliament is sitting I expect my MP to be in London

I am a taxpayer and one of the Ceredigion electorate, I elect my AM to go to Cardiff and represent my interest, I elect my MEP to go to Europe and represent my interests and I elect my MP to go to London and represent my interests. Apparently he doesn't think so. David Cornock has caught the Lib Dems representing their own interests once again, 'Lib Dems don't like Mondays' . This doesn't come as a surprise, former MP Cynog Dafis was out delivering 'Meals on Wheels' a few weeks ago and told me he had seen Mark Williams canvassing in Penrhyncoch on a Monday. Mark - you should have been at work, you should have been in London.
What did he miss? For a full list see here.
Of particular interest to Ceredigion would be -

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Put the 'trigger' motion in place.

Now that WAG has decided to put the 'trigger' motion forward on February 9th, now is the time to call a few bluffs. The Tories can be relied on to approach devolution with open arms and conspire behind closed doors to delay and frustrate. The Lib Dems can be relied on for changing tack with the gusting wind but if they are serious about devolution lets put them to the test. Put the motion forward, put no deals in place and state clearly 'Lib Dems you have the opportunity to vote for efficient devolution and the opportunity might not come again. For once show some commitment and leadership'. Betray Wales and you should not be forgiven.