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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

A liberal dose of schadenfreude

Swimming in the schadenfreude is easily done but it sticks rather than wash off like water. Sooner or later political careers end in failure and when political judgement is impending we need to be aware of how we have treated others. Leave the Liberals be.
In a prayer before a meeting of Ceredigion County Council the chaplain at the time said "... only say things if you know them to be true, only say things that are kind, and only say things that need to be said..". I try, best I can, to stick to these words, not always successfully.
There is something sad in witnessing the demise of a once great party, the reforms led by Lloyd George gave hope and fuelled the aspirations of the many (that's the true bit), Ming Campbell is an honourable man (that's the kind bit), and the Liberal Democrats are dead in the water (that's the bit that needs to be said). Oops, a touch too much schadenfreude there, but seriously it is so difficult to avoid when a party is making a pig's ear of everything.

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