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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Ceredigion County Council elections 2008

Ceredigion's ruling coalition (16 Independent, 9 Liberal Democrats and 1 Labour) face a severe test for control next year from Plaid Cymru (16 members). Local authority politics are not favourable at this point in time for ruling groups on all councils having to deal with a 1% efficiency saving (cuts in other words), falling pupil numbers prompting school closures, a difficult financial environment after the CSR announcement, in addition to any local political mess you find youself in. The ruling group have recently made a complete political hash of the Meals on Wheels debate, a policy issue they should not have introduced in the first place, one damning audit report on IT provision has already been published but there is an even more damning audit report on school finances yet to be published.

My prediction Plaid to be the largest group followed by the Liberal Democrats, the Independents third and Labour nowhere.

1 comment:

Penri James said...

Feedback today from the Coalition Group. apparently a bit miffed about this piece, cannot see why, I thought it wasn't at all provocative. Some people must have a thin skin.