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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Bottom of the barrel stuff

I am absolutely amazed by this press release from the Liberal Democrat MP and the story in the Tivyside Advertiser. The Education Cabinet Member (Liberal Democrat Ceredig Davies) has made a bad decision, rather than try to defend it why can't the MP use his influence to change the decision. Please read the comments I have inserted at the bottom and the additional ones as well. I shall copy mine below. It is another example of the Liberal Democrats complaining about others rather than admit to their own failings. There will be a protest about the harp cuts on Tuesday morning 8th July in Penmorfa Aberaeron, immediately prior to the Cabinet meeting.

The political 'spin' on this story is so severe it could only have come from the Liberal Democrats. The decision to cut back on the harp service was taken by Liberal Democrat Councillor Ceredig Davies. Funds from the Welsh Assembly Government are unhypothecated, in other words they are not prescribed for a particular purpose so that local politicians can take local decisions. This is not a Cardiff decision its a 'Ceredig' decision. This is yet another example of the Liberal Democrats blaming someone else rather than owning up to their own responsibilities. Mark Williams is really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find an excuse to defend this Liberal Democrat decision. It would be a much more productive use of his time, as Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Ceredigion, to order Cllr Davies to reverse the decision. That is the right, and popular thing to do.

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