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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Aberystwyth Rheidol Ward - Negative Campaigning

We have witnessed a classic Liberal Democrat Mark Cole tactic this week - another complaint by the Liberal Democrats blaming others, this time for 'negative campaigning' by Plaid. Absolute rubbish, if they look carefully all the material is in the public domain, much of it emanating from their own people. Here's a reference to a previous post on the matter .
Just in case they have forgotten previous dirty tricks for which the Liberal Democrats are renowned, here are a few samples from Google

They are past masters, even in their own leadership election. Don't be fooled by this 'holier than thou' facade.

By the way I never got a response to the questions I posted here


david h jones said...

reminds me of Mark Williams's literature claiming he was a local candidate when he was a teacher in Powys.

Plaid are right to go on about this. LibDems seem to think that saying 'local' often enough makes someone local. It worked for them with Mark Williams, but won't work this time.

Penri James said...

You are right David, I am fed up with the LibDem tactics as well, they are taking everyone for a ride. They have the worst UK record when it comes to negative campaigning and the sooner they are exposed the better. Thanks.

Alun said...

My favourite ludicrous Lib Dem claim is the one in a leaflet through my door a few years ago claiming that if Plaid got into government people would need a passport to do their shopping in Shrewsbury. This from a party that's supposed to understand how the European Union works.

Penri James said...

Yes I remember that one and it just goes to show their degree of desperation. I can only ask people to think twice before they accept any comment from the LD's and our MP/councillors in particular. They will say anything to get elected and never take responsibility for their own actions.