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Sunday, 8 March 2009


Went to Cardigan on Thursday 26th to open the annual Gwyl Ddewi Cawl at y Tabernacl and was met by local Plaid Cymru Councillors Catrin Miles and John Adams Lewis. Cawl with bread and cheese is one of my favourite winter meals as are community gatherings of this kind. Its an opportunity to meet, talk and check up on the well being of your friends and neighbours as well as celebrating our Patron Saint. The feeling of community is such an integral part of the Welsh psyche and community eating and talking such a manifestation of our inherent Welshness.
In a similar vein, there was cawl a chan at Cartref Tregerddan on Tuesday 3rd March where I am Chair of the League of Friends. Wonderfully organised by the staff. Cawl was also excellent.
PS The Liberal Democrat councillor in Cardigan was absent and I did have to field many complaints about the useless leaflets he seems to distribute all the time, I now see where the MP gets his ideas from. Also in Bow Street, the local Liberal Democrat councillor was absent even though he only lives a few doors away. According to 'rumour control' this is not the only important meeting he has recently missed.

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