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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ceredigion Highways During Winter

Our house received a posted leaflet from Ceredigion County Council this week about the highways in Winter and in particular the precautionary salting routes. Actually we received 3 copies, one for each individual on the Electoral Register. Its not uncommon for husband and wife to share a copy and my eldest son is away in University and not currently at home - we are not an unusual family, all residents do not require an individual copy. I know of one house which has received 4 copies.
If the Electoral Register is to be used then it is not beyond the wit of information technology to send one copy per household. One is more than enough, the rest lie unopened.


The Half-Blood Welshman said...

That's a good point. Also, particularly in Ceredigion which has such a high student population, what about those that are not on the electoral register because they are registered elsewhere? Do they get a copy? And if not, given that a large percentage are probably very inexperienced drivers, is there some way it could be got out to them?

I'm not trying to make a point, I'm genuinely interested in knowing the answer.

Penri James said...

Maildrops are always an inexact science but I do think Ceredigion could have been a little more prudent.

Alun said...

Fair points. You can see an explanation on my blog at

Penri James said...

Thanks Alun for the explanation but it raises another issue. Commercial companies operate of a profit making basis, it must have been commercially viable for them to send out multiple copies per household. It begs the question therefore how much was the fee paid by the Council? A commercial company would distribute multiple copies (i) because they are incompetent and cannot interpret the wishes of the local authority, (ii) the wishes of the local authority were not clear, or (iii) the fee was so generous it facilitated the distribution multiple copies. Interesting!