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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Plaid Cymru launches transport survey

Plaid Cymru’s parliamentary candidate, Penri James, has launched a survey asking for people’s views on public transport, and on developing safe walking and cycling routes to the north of Aberystwyth.

With increasing numbers of cars, congestion and parking problems, Penri James wants to look at creative ways of reducing traffic and improving the environment.

Recently, the County Council has made a good start. A path links the Glanyrafon Industrial Estate to Aberystwyth, and this year the path from Tregaron to Aberystwyth was completed, which connects Trawsgoed, Llanilar, Llanfarian and Rhydyfelin with the town. However, there’s nothing similar to the north of Aberystwyth.

Penri James and Plaid Cymru have now distributed surveys to many communities to the north of Aberystwyth to collect the views of residents both on local public transport standards as well as the need to develop cycle routes.

Commenting on the survey, Plaid Cymru’s Penri James said:

“Developing safe cycling and walking routes, together with improving our public transport, would be great ways of reducing the traffic on our roads. As well as providing a connection between the villages and Aberystwyth its also important that we have safe walking and cycling routes between the villages of North Ceredigion.

“I’m trying to get an idea of the demand for this and I’m pleased that a number of responses have already been returned to the Plaid Cymru office. However, it isn’t too late for other residents to send in their views and I would be grateful if they could spare 5 minutes to give their views on local transport”.

Additional copies of the Transport Survey can be obtained from the Plaid Cymru office in Aberystwyth.

1 comment:

Alan Chamberlain said...

I know I'm commenting on an old post, but I think that creating more accessible cycle tracks is the way forwards. I've seen many more people o cycles since the track was put in to Llanfarian, would be nice to see a traffic free bit to Capel Bangor too - or even up to Borth somehow. I'm sure that would impact upon the economy and environment.

One thing that I would be keen to see is the establishment of a proper cycle path from Aber to the new assemble/council buildings. It would be a great and easy way for people that work there and that have to go to just nip up the road.

It's not a massive distance.