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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Right hand....Left hand Liberal Democrats

The story started when 6 English Liberal Democrat MPs signed an amendment laid by before Parliament by Tory MP Graham Stuart that removed the power of the Assembly to make laws on home education. Plaid MP Hywel Williams pointed out that this was another example of Lib Dems making policy in London without consulting, or bothering to consult their politicians in Wales. I don't know what the Welsh Liberal Democrat MPs were doing but obviously had their eyes away from this ball. Perhaps they were not even at Westminster?! After the StAthan investment cuts debacle and the plan to cut Welsh MPs to 28, all introduced without informing their Welsh representatives, we should not be surprised at shambolic activity from this shambolic party. David Cornock has a good report here and the BBC here. This episode rather emphasises again the point made in the Independent about the relative effectiveness of the Liberal Democrats. Election soon please Mr Brown to remove this rabble.


Anonymous said...

Just read this and saw the news on the BBC website. What's happening there? I thought that the Tories were in full support of devolution, well I thought that's what Nick Bourne had said. What a sham for a English MP (Graham Stuart) to be messing in the affairs of Wales, doesn't he have enough to do in his own constituency? Perhaps not. Have I got the wrong end of the stick here? It just sounds bizarre.

As for the Liberals, well shame on them for not even being bothered to read what was put in front of them! How lazy can you be. Really it's no wonder that there is a growing apathy towards politics and dis-trust in politicians. I still can't believe they want to cut MPs, I would have thought that more representation was the way forwards.

senn said...

how does hywel williams know that welsh lib dems were not consulted over policy in Wales?
Hazy plaid thinking...

Penri James said...

Anon-I agree,another example of Lib Dems in London over-riding Lib Dems in Wales. Their Welsh MP's are seen as increasingly irrelevant.

Penri James said...

senn- come on, read the coverage on this. Its not only Hywel Williams who pointed this out but also journlists. The consultation was after the event and reported as a Lib Dem mistake.