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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

When Parliament is sitting I expect my MP to be in London

I am a taxpayer and one of the Ceredigion electorate, I elect my AM to go to Cardiff and represent my interest, I elect my MEP to go to Europe and represent my interests and I elect my MP to go to London and represent my interests. Apparently he doesn't think so. David Cornock has caught the Lib Dems representing their own interests once again, 'Lib Dems don't like Mondays' . This doesn't come as a surprise, former MP Cynog Dafis was out delivering 'Meals on Wheels' a few weeks ago and told me he had seen Mark Williams canvassing in Penrhyncoch on a Monday. Mark - you should have been at work, you should have been in London.
What did he miss? For a full list see here.
Of particular interest to Ceredigion would be -


Pelagius said...

Good post. "Bang to rights" I believe they say.

Paul said...

What about Simon Thomas having to repay £350 of his expenses this morning?

Penri James said...

Paul - not quite sure what point you are trying to make. I think that all elected representatives should be beyond reproach when it comes to spending taxpayers money. If it has to be repaid then so be it. This includes Councillors, AM's, MP's and MEP's.

Paul said...

I'll admit that was off topic, I just thought that no blog or newspaper would pick it up so I should mention it.

It is of course worth noting that last Monday, your leader Ieaun, your (and my) AM plus a whole host of elected Plaid representatives where all in Mountain Ash Bowles club rather than their own constituencies.

Your blog post really was a cheap shot Penri. Can you honestly say that you have had no help from any Plaid AM or MP Mon – Fri in Ceredigion? )Elin and Nerys excluded of course)

Penri James said...

Paul - I gather the Mountain Ash meeting was during the evening and I am not sure who was there, I wasn't myself. If the Assembly or Parliament was sitting then there is a perfectly legitimate case in expecting elected representatives to be there. Cheap shot - no, walking around villages on a Monday morning distributing political party leaflets when Parliament is sitting is work for the Party and not for Parliament. I can't immediately think of any Plaid AM/MP who has been with me doing Party work when the Assembly/Parliament is sitting. Thursday evening, Fridays and Saturday's yes.

Y Peiriant Pigmi said...

To be honest I read this blog and have voted for Plaid in the past, but I think that I would expect a bit more than mere tittle tattle. That's how I see it anyway.

I'd say that people expect a little bit more than schoolboy mud slinging these days.

But I do agree attendance for locals, AMs, MPs and MEPs (not just them hanging about in Europe) should be registered and made public, along with questions asked and all accounts published. Although I'd guess that local councillors in Aber have nothing to claim for.

Penri James said...

Y Peiriant Pigmi - I hope that if you read the blog on a regular basis then you will see that there is much more than tittle tattle on it. We have last week launched a policy document 'Steps to a Green Economy in Ceredigion' which I hope you found interesting. I can forward a copy if you like. I am glad you have voted Plaid in the past and hope you will do so again.

Anonymous said...

If this is the best Plaid can do, I am sure that the Liberal Democrats have nothing to worry about.

Penri James said...

Anon - such a cliched response! Please read the rest of blog and compare it to what the Liberal Democrats have to offer then come to a judgement.