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Monday, 1 March 2010

One way traffic from Labour

I spent the day canvassing in Cardigan and came across some Labour quarry to test whether Peter Hain's plea to the progressives works in the other direction. I asked a long standing Labour candidate/agent and also a sister of a sitting Labour AM whether they would in a seat like Ceredigion - where Labour will be lucky to keep their deposit - vote for the only progressive Party (Plaid Cymru). Surprise, surprise the answer was no! Tactical voting is only good when it benefits Labour, so say the Labour rank and file. It was good fun asking them!


Pelagius said...

Spot on, Penri. Labour is only ecumenical when they want to get votes. Same reason they give racists the oxygen of publicity: to got out some core Labour voters. We know them of old.

Geraint said...

Plaid Cymru? Progressie? Hah! They wanted to jump into bed with the Tories in the Assembly, and have yet to say if they will or will not support a minority Tory government in Westminister. I don't think Labour will be taking lessons from Plaid about progressive politics.

Penri James said...

Geraint - In many instances the Blairite Labour Party is another form of the Tory Party. Same poicies same rhetoric. Not much evidence that the Brownite Party is any different.

Anonymous said...

Call me naive,but I would still consider Labour to be the lesser of two evils (vis-à-vis the Tories).