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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Where do we stand?

I often ask myself how elected members can say one thing one month, then assuming we have forgotten, say something totally different later on. In September 09 Nick Clegg said that 'savage cuts' were required then today said he will not 'will not back early cuts'. Savage means brutal or painful cuts done more or less immediately yet now Nick Clegg has changed his mind. We don't know where we stand with Lib Dem populism!


Jack Smith said...

Of course you are forgetting the other option, that the two form a synthesis of policy, that savage cuts will be required to cut the deficit, but should not be introduced until the economic recovery is a little more established. It's essentially a sensible hybrid of Labour and the Tories' policies.

Penri James said...

Jack Smith - fair point but don't you think the Lib Dms are continually synthesising policy and never come to a comclusion? I do, just witness their view on winfarms, pro on a national basis, against locally. Economic history shows that cutting back on Government spending too early in a recessionary cycle will delay that recovery, but when the time is right there is a need to look at strategic spending, particularly nuclear defence, rather than continually identify social spending for cuts.

Penri James said...

Seems I am not alone

Jack Smith said...

Why is that an issue Penri? Surely it's better for a party to constantly look at its policies and improve them than not do so and stick to its guns even when they don't make sense anymore. Isn't that what parties are supposed to do with their policy?

Penri James said...

Jack Smith - there is a significant difference between evolving policy over time and continually changing it to suit immediate needs. Its the difference between strategic and tactical planning, Lib Dems seem not to care about the difference. Thats why people don't know what they really stand for.

Jack Smith said...

If you want to know what a party thinks, surely you either ask them or check out their website.... Policy's all up there.

It's what I've been doing to decide who I want to vote for. For all the parties in Ceredigion.

And I think all political parties can be accused of that one Penri, it's the nature of the media age and the democracy we live in.... If one of your policies was unpopular, you'd likely drop it like it's hot too!