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Monday, 30 June 2008

Aberystwyth Rheidol Ward - LATEST (3)

I came across the Liberal Democrat candidate Alec Dauncey today, after the initial pleasantries he was keen to emphasise "...I do live in Aberystwyth you know...". Call me a seasoned political cynic if you like, but the old whiskers brought to mind the Welsh saying 'Yr euog a ffo heb eu herlid' (the guilty flee without being pursued). Was this a touch of a guilty conscience? In Private Eye parlance 'I think we should be told'.

This brings me to another issue that's floating around Town Councillor Dauncey. Its already on record that he is allegedly returning to Aberystwyth to pursue his studies, but his campaign literature is careful NOT to say that he is returning to Aberystwyth University. I don't think he is going anywhere near Aberystwyth University but will stand corrected and apologise if I get it wrong. Alec is a Forester by training and the nearest Forestry School capable of supporting a PhD is in Bangor, North Wales. I think he's going to study in Bangor and not in Aberystwyth. Back to Private Eye again 'I think we should be told'.

The Liberal Democrats are once again up to their usual smoke and mirrors. How much of Mark Williams MP's political existence is smoke and mirrors? Back to Private Eye again 'I think we should be told'.

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