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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Local agricultural shows

With wonderful weather and interesting company there is no better place than a local show. You have to admire the determination, competition, quality, organisation, effort (or any other descriptive superlative that can be added to the list) of those involved. Shows have their roots in the agricultural community when farmers would bring their best produce - animal and plant - to demonstrate how good they were. It must have been an early form of marketing - create the brand and sell. Nowadays most shows are dominated by the equine fraternity, it is an animal which is not as encumbered by movement legislation and is free to go from competition to competition without restriction. The original principles of branding and selling still apply.

Above all a show is a social event to meet old friends, avoid the odd one that you may not want to see, but also a place where the elected representative is lobbied and made aware of what is really happening on the ground and not what apparently is happening in the Brussels/Westminster/Cardiff/Penmorfa goldfish bowl. I encourage all to tell your representative what you think and to tell the elected representative that it is their duty to attend such functions.

The second Saturday in June is the spot allocated to Aberystwyth Show. The showground is an accessible and convenient location in the open countryside and ideal provided there isn't an easterly wind coming down the valley. I had the chance to walk around with Elin Jones AM and for posterity, here is a picture! She was also lobbied by all.

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