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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Bare faced cheek

If there is anything to be admired in the Liberal Democrats its their bare faced cheek! My old friend Roger Williams MP (see past blogs here, here and here) has called Plaid Cymru 'gutless' . As a reminder, it was the Liberal Democrats who could find the 'guts' to join Plaid Cymru in Government, its Plaid Minister Elin Jones who has had the 'guts' to take tough decisions on TB and badgers while the aforementioned MP hadn't the 'guts' to use his own headed notepaper when attempting a public rebuke. I think that the most anonymous of MP's should find a better way of getting his name in the media.


Crefishgyn said...

Apparently Plaid aren't allowed to "smear" Lib Dems any longer (according to Peter Black AM at least).

But they are, naturally, allowed to insult us any way they please.

Penri James said...

I could give you a long list of smears against Plaid Cymru politicians here in Ceredigion. No need to think very hard about where most (if not all) of them originated. Leopards don't change their spots and I often think in idle moments what will be dreamt up to smear me in the forthcoming election campaign.