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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Liberal Democrats are reactive

I seem to have hit a raw Liberal Democrat nerve considering this response to my piece on the closure of the Tax Office in Aberystwyth. A letter purportedly from Roger Williams MP has arrived but its not on headed notepaper, there is no sender's address and there is nothing stating in which capacity he is writing. I can only let you draw your own conclusions but I feel he might well be embarassed about it all! The handwritten address on the envelope is strangely familiar and I am suspicious of its provenance, it may be closer to Ceredigion than Brecon and Radnor!

Whatever, see above the letter I received. Since there is no senders address and the Lib Dems obviously read my blog then the response is coming next.


Alwyn ap Huw said...

Why is Roger Williams writing to complain about what you said about Mark Williams.
If Mark Williams can't speak up for himself, how can he be expected to speak up for his constituents?

Penri James said...

Alwyn - I really can't answer the first question, its something that the Lib Dems have to address. I suspect its part of the Lib Dem campaigning recipe and they seem to be unable to think outside the box. That is no particular help to constituents who expect their MPs to find innovative solutions to their problems. Others are already saying that we in Ceredigion are not getting the level of Westminster representation that we expect, but I couldn't possibly comment!