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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Canvassing - Lampeter

I spent time canvassing with Cllr Rob Phillips in Lampeter this week. As expected the European election is being overwhelmed by MP's expenses and little true European issues are being raised. Offered solutions to the Westminster scandal include getting rid of the current MP (to which I agree but for other reasons), calling a General Election now (to which I agree) and introducing PR for all elections (to which I agree in principle). However, the electorate have an understanding of the first past the post system which doesn't exist for PR systems and a public information and education campaign whould be needed before such systems are introduced. I digress!. I can only report that the response to Plaid Cymru was extremely favourable.


Clive King said...

Hi, As you know I don't have any political allegiance. From my limited research our incumbent MP has been a good boy. He has spent a fair amount on researchers, etc, but that is what an MP should do to be informed and follow up on constituents problems [Open question 1 : Has spending the money resulted in Mark being informed? ]. He has a rented flat instead of a 2nd home and I saw no duck houses last time I went through Borth.

In itself sending Mr Williams back to school teaching would not help end the Westminster scandal. [ Open question 2 : has Mark been as effective as he could have been in his 1st term ]. Unless I have missed some evidence, I don't think Mark has been a naughty boy.

As a nation we are caught in the Hallo effect trap. We assume that good conduct means effective politician. The expenses madness will sort itself out. The focus needs to move to getting a house full of MP who can be both effective strategic thinkers and diligent constituency case load workers [ Open question 3 and 4 : Has Mark been an effective strategic thinkers and an effective local case load worker ].

Penri James said...

Clive - Is he more informed?, probably Mark would have to answer that question. Have I seen thoughtful insights on policy?, no. Have I seen superficial press releases?, yes. Effective? With the exception of Vince Cable I honestly can't think of an effective Lib Dem. Lembit is effective in making it easy for Glyn Davies win the Montgomery seat. Strategic thinking? No. Case work? Jury's out on this one until the election but we certainly don't need a glorified county councillor.

To me an MP should be a forceful advocate for the county, be willing to take on difficult causes on behalf of the constituents, be a shoulder to cry on when necessary, be a force for good and contibute to the betterment of society and be a critical friend when required.