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Sunday, 31 May 2009

A trip with Elin Jones

Elin recently announced changes to the plethora of schemes that farmers subscribe to, in future they will all be classified under the Glastir banner. Friday morning was an opportunity at Abernac, Lledrod for Elin to explain to the NFU in Ceredigion what it was all about. I went with her. Good traditional tea and cake to begin with (Te deg), speech and questions to follow. Since the details of Glastir are yet to be worked out between civil servants, the NFU and FUW, it is difficult to gauge a response, wait and see is probably a fair assessment. A thorough round of applause echoed around the shed when one farmer mentioned TB. Another telling point happened when another farmer mentioned a meeting with his College friends from England, they felt so detatched from their farming Minister and were deeply envious of the situation in Wales. Top marks to devolution and to Elin for making the Rural Affairs Ministry accesible to the agricultural industry.

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