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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Successive Saturday's

Last week Aberystwyth, this week Cardigan. The only person I saw in both places, apart from myself, was a prominent animal rights campaigner who's home territory is normally Owain Glyndwr Square in Aberystwyth.
A street stall outside Siop y Pethe Aberystwyth is a prime location, I even intercepted Mark Williams and the lead Lib Dem European Candidate and had a short chat - nothing much to report from that conversation apart from Mark stating that he did read my blog. Strange thing though, they had no leaflets to distribute or any means of identifying themselves and as I watched them walking up the road many were passing without even realising who they were. Pleased with the warm response to Plaid Cymru.
Started off in Cardigan the following Saturday at the Tabernacl Coffee Morning and met many of the usual customers, most of whom I have met before. Again the scandal of Westminster expenses is reflecting badly on Labour, Tories and Liberal Democrat MP's.
I was shown a Chamber of Trade brochure with an address by the Mayor of Cardigan Cllr Mark Cole in his full regalia. Nothing unusual in that apart from the fact that it was signed off 'Cllr Mark Cole, Office of Mark Williams MP'. Is the ceremonial first citizen of Cardigan now an office boy for an MP? I know he works for Mark Williams but heaven's above surely there must be better ways of getting MarkWilliams' name in print than demeaning the office of Mayor. Smells and feels a little like the schoolboy politics for which the Lib Dems are famous.

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