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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Ceredigion European Election Result

The result for Ceredigion is
Plaid Cymru 6725
Liberal Democrats 3642
Conservative 2869
UKIP 1755
Green 1481
Labour 1329
The Plaid Cymru majority over the Lib Dems is 3083 and considering the effort put in by the Lib Dems to come first this time, it must be quite a disappointment for them. This was very much a prequel to the General Election next year since every Lib Dem leaflet and letter had some reference to Mark Williams, 19% for the sitting MP is an erosion of political capital and not a story that appeals to Lib Dems. The results tie in with our own polling where Conservatives have done well, if they recoup the majority of votes that went to UKIP then they are well placed to challenge for 2nd place. Labour are down and there seems to be a direct transfer of votes from Lab to Lib Dems.
Its confirmation that the electorate believes that Plaid Cymru is delivering for Ceredigion but lets not take anything for granted. A satisfying campaign that sets us up nicely for the General Election but there's lots of work to be done before then.

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