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Friday, 5 June 2009

Minister for Europe - lets devolve it quickly

As one who supports a pro European Party and believes in european integration, the post of Minister for Europe is an important one. Why has Gordon Brown appointed Glenys Kinnock? Kinnock plc have made a fortune from the EU, she has shown no leadership as an MEP and remains like her husband an antagonistic figure in Wales and beyond. Expect superficial confrontation from the newly ennobled Lady. This finally convinces me that Labour in Westminster has run out of ideas and people.
The Welsh Assembly Government had better sort out an European Office soon as they will get no help from the Lady.

1 comment:

Pelagius said...

I agree. Lady Glenys is renowned as a very sectarian politician. When Neil was first elected MP, she couldn't get out of Bedwellte quick enough. She vetoed our 4 MEPs working together for Wales. What a road block for Wales' voice in Europe!