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Monday, 4 January 2010

More on Alun Davies AM

Remember the post on Alun Davies AM not representing West Wales well apparently the Leader of Ceredigion County Council is also not best pleased with the AM and was very critical in last week's Cambrian News. No smoke without fire.


Pelagius said...

Presumably you mean the Mid & West region? As we're in Wales and we're Welsh nationalists, we don't need to use Anglo-centric words when we talk to each other. I know where the Mid & West region is; it's a legal entity shown on maps. I've no idea where British "West Wales" starts or finishes. Does it include Pen Llŷn or Abertawe?

Penri James said...

Pelagius please forgive my slap dash use of West Wales. I meant Mid & West Region. West Wales is a generic term that usually belongs in the tourist brochures, it doesn't usually mean anything to the residents of Wales.

Pelagius said...

No problem, Penri. Sorry if I was a bit too direct. But your interesting news came on the back of Llais y Sais reporting the weather in "Cardiganshire" and BBC Wales talking about "Estuary English". I thought, oh, that must be the Severn or Mersey (or any one of ours in between), but it turned out to be the Tafwys. With stuff like that on the "Welsh" media daily, I'm very sensitive to Anglo-centric terminology which seeks to make everything in Wales the "other". Must write a well-argued piece on neo-colonial Wales.

senn said...

Council leaders they are non-elected and overpaid who could care a sixpence what they think

Penri James said...

Senn - As Councillors Council Leaders are elected by electors in their own ward and are usually the leaders of the largest party or group. It is legitimate to query the election process in Independent groups. Whatever the way in which they are elected to lead a council they remain pretty powerful and influential individuals within their own borders and regionally through the WLGA. I think you are wrong, people do take note of what they say.