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Sunday, 24 January 2010

‘Steps to a Green Economy for Ceredigion’.

On Saturday I launched an innovative policy document Steps to a Green Economy for Ceredigion. The document was produced in collaboration with Professor Peter Midmore and highlights seven realistic steps to make the Ceredigion economy greener and more sustainable. At the launch I was joined by Peter and former Plaid and Green MP for Ceredigion, Cynog Dafis. It’s important to put forward new ideas for discussion – particularly in the run up to an election – and this policy documents highlights a range of practical ideas which will contribute in a small way towards tackling global environmental problems. Climate change is of course a challenge for us all, and it’s important that we in Ceredigion start thinking about what minor changes we can make to our lifestyles to address the problem. In a rural county where car use is often a day-to-day necessity, the transition will be difficult. It’s therefore important that local authorities, the Assembly and Westminster governments think about how changes in behaviour can be brought about with the minimum of disruption. Ultimately, it’s not a matter of if we have to address climate change – it’s a question of when. That 'when' is now!
For for copies of the document please email me on with name, email and postal address.


Clive King said...

Anonymous said...

Looks fascinating. Good for you. You don't mention it here but doesn't the EU play a major role in this too? After all, it passes lots of progressive legislation. Much better than the UK record. And you have a leading MEP on the Environment Committee.

AC said...

To green the economy and life in general, somewhere like Ceredigion is probably one of the most important things on the political agenda for me. In somewhere so isolated it is important to make sure that energy is secure at a local level (having thousands of wind farms is not always the way forwards). I think that helping people on a local level is really important.

Anonymous said...

More environmentally friendly building is definately a vote getter I'm hoping that the New Hospitals that are being built in Ceredigion will be green.

One thing that I do think needs doing is someone to look at the appalling speeds of internet connections. It's ridiculous in a place like Aber where so many people could work in the creative sector (sustainably) and work online that we are so far behind. Is anyone taking steps to try to get BT to open/unbundle and upgrade the existing exchanges?