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Monday, 12 January 2009

Cadw urged to use local craftsmen on Strata Florida investment.

Plaid Cymru's Penri James has urged Cadw to ensure that it uses local craftsmen to improve physical and intellectual access to Strata Florida.
The Assembly Government announced earlier this month that Strata Florida was one of a number of Welsh heritage sites which will share an investment of £2 million from the Strategic Capital Investment Fund for a Welsh Cultural Heritage Initiative.

Commenting on the investment at Strata Florida, which will be led by Cadw, Penri James said:
"This is a very welcome investment and will ensure that important heritage sites in Wales such as Strata Florida remain accessible for years to come.

However, I very much hope that Cadw will ensure that it employs the services of local craftsmen to carry out the improvements to facilities at Strata Florida. This important heritage site is located in a deprived area and it's essential that local businesses are able to benefit from this investment, especially given the current economic situation."


Stonemason. said...

I would have thought it would be prudent to use the most skilful rather than the most local. Cadw are professional enough to ignore the ignorant and do what's best for project and taxpayer.

Would that be Cllr Penri James of Ceredigion?

Penri James said...

Stonemason - Yes I agree that we should use the most skilful and there are a few residing in Ceredigion. The further away you go to get craftsmen the greater the transport cost that has to be built in to the project, that is an inefficient use of funds if the skill is available locally. The democratic process is there to ensure that Cadw acts professionally and in the interests of the taxpayer. Having been part of democratic scrutiny committees I can assure you that not all public money is spent wisely. It is the ignorant who think that it is.

I am indeed Penri James of Ceredigion but since the elections last May I do not have the Cllr tag any more!