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Monday, 2 February 2009

Reaction to Welsh Language LCO

The reaction, or rather, the over reaction to the much awaited Welsh language LCO was to be expected. While LCO supporters have been measured in their response, the vitriol and negativity from its detractors hasn't conveyed any real arguments, it has all been based on 'the end of the world is here if this is passed'. I thought that Rhodri Morgan did a good job on BBC 5 Live this evening sounding practical and realistic. Alun Ffred can be heard on the matter below.

Alun Ffred Jones - publication of Welsh Language LCO from PlaidTV on Vimeo

Earlier this week Alun Michael MP mused during Welsh Questions that the LCO system was working successfully as if anticipating the same end result for the Welsh Language LCO as the earlier Housing LCO. A word of warning might be in order for Mr Michael, he and his anti Assembly cronies should refrain from creating too much of a precedent this side of the General Election as it will inevitably be used against them by the Conservatives should they be in a position of power. Not for the first time in Wales we would have seen the actions of minor princelings undermining the bigger national picture.

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