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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Too many for sale signs in Aberystwyth

The multiplicity of 'for sale' and 'to let' signs in Aberystwyth are a clear function of the economic climate and an unfortunate by-product of circumstance. It can't be avoided.
I do take a different view with the signs attached to County Council buildings. Ceredigion County Council has made its point, we all now know that it is selling part of the corporate estate in Aberystwyth. However, it does make it appear as if the whole town is for sale particularly considering the size of the signs themselves.
Now that we are seeing potential students and parents visiting the university for interview and that Easter is just around the corner, it gives the wrong impression. Potential purchasers of the council estate are unlikely to discover a business opportunity by looking at a sign, they are more likely to have seen it on the internet, at an estate agent or probably by word of mouth. This makes the signs somewhat redundant. Rather than make it appear as if the town is for sale why can't the Council pull down the signs, it has made its point.

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