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Monday, 1 March 2010

Aberystwyth to London direct rail route rejected

The proposal by Arriva to offer a direct rail link from Aberystwyth to London has been rejected by the Office of Rail Regulation and a copy of the decision letter is here. Ian Lucas MP for Wrexham has consistently opposed the scheme on the grounds that it would adversely affect the service run from Wrexham. From comments reported by the BBC here he is overjoyed by the decision which must go down as a feather in his cap and an example of successful lobbying. In the same report its a bit of a disaster for Liberal Democrat MPs in Ceredigion and Montgomeryshire who have patently been ignored, had no influence and are increasingly irrelevant to the needs of Wales. This kind of representation will not progress the Mid Wales economy one bit. There remains a strong case for a direct rail link from Aberystwyth to London and Mr 'Appalled' had better think what he is going to do about it, I know what advice I shall be giving the electors in Ceredigion.


Anonymous said...

Ceredigion, well Aberystwyth always seems to get ignored. I was a bit disappointed to read the story here -

Could an appeal be lodged? Can the AMs and Euros push at all?

It's a real pity that this hasn't happened. I know that the death of the high street is down to the internet (which ironically is quite bad in Ceredigion), but it can't help when people drive over to Camarthen and Shrewsbury to catch the train to London do a bit of shopping as well.

Anonymous said...

Things are not looking good for rural Wales at the moment either.

Fears over the future of Wales' rural areas

Penri James said...

Anon3-politicos in a General Election should not hide behind anonymity.

Penri James said...

Anon1-Overturning the decision is a political one unlikely to be contemplated this side of a GE.

Anon2-all rural areas are in a tight squeeze, report today on England as well This is not just a GE issue but ongoing with affordable housing, transport and communication. No real solution means that young people find urban living easier to achieve, which as a country person myself, I find sad and frustrating. Lets think again about relaxing the planning process and having planning permission as a requirement for second homes.

Alan Chamberlain said...

Just read through this and think that it's awful that this has been ignored. It leaves a lot of people in more isolated communities, even more isolated. I have emailed the MP, AMs and Euro, but as yet I've just had a thanks for your email response (from 2 of the 4 people that I've mailed).

I really think that for Plaid there should be a real emphasis on Greener/Eco super insulated buildings that at least look localish. Although this might cost a little more to start with, the long term gain could be huge.

It would be great to see a scheme were some house were eligible to be retro-fitted and greened up a bit.

Any new building should be built as green as possible.

"I find sad and frustrating." I think that lots of people would sympathise with you on that one.

Back onto the first point, if no one does anything about the train service I'll still write a letter of complaint to the rail regulator expressing my concerns.

Have you seen this

I must admit that reading some of these political blogs have really made me engage with the politics of the area a bit more