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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Cardigan 26th September

All day Saturday in Cardigan meeting people and distributing leaflets with campaigners. It started at the coffee morning of the Hospital League of Friends, I hope they did well. As the Chair of a League of Friends at Tregerddan Home for the Elederly I can appreciate the importance of such events.
Later we were joined by Jocelyn Davies AM, Housing Minister, for a walk around Cardigan and to visit local businesses. Market towns are still under pressure when it comes to a shopping experience and County Councils have to come up with innovative ways of attracting shoppers; reduced business rates and free parking are all options. A good day all round. Here's some of the team, thank you all.


senncartoonist said...

your chances are like the disused plaid office in cardigan

Penri James said...

senncartoonist - if you say so - but I don't agree. I base this on the response on the doorstep in Cardigan yesterday. I wonder when was the last time you spent some time meeting people in Cardigan, must have been a long time ago. Plaid have 2 out of 3 County Councillors and another 5 on Town Council. By the way the Plaid Office is well and truly open for business. You must be in a bad mood today as you have been rude to Betsan! How can you be rude to Betsan?

senncartoonist said...

crumbs penri i was not rude to betsan...i think the world of her ,we get on just fine every time we meet
well well well! you've got a bit of spark about you,good to see though Mark williams will probably pinch it but it will be interesting..i'm in Cardy all the time actually penri, i've jut been swimming in the sea at poppit, no not too cold for a geezer like me