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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Sun and the hidden hand of Murdoch

The Sun's decision to support the Tories should come as no surprise to Labour stalwarts. The warning was given some time ago however there is a more recent sinister development.
Rupert Murdoch announced that News International was to end free internet access to its newspapers, now none of this is possible when you have a free public news service known as the BBC available. QED the next step when James Murdoch attacks the BBC but is careful, I think, to avoid mentioning his main target, the BBC web service.
Labour has indicated a reluctance to comply with his wishes hence support for the Tories who are no friends of the BBC.
A free unbiased press is essential in a proper democracy. I and many others wouldn't be able to fathom the biased views seen so often on American TV. Of course no need to guess who owns Fox News.


Clive King said...

The hand is hardly hidden:-)

Spot on Penri, As you imply here, a free unbiased media is mandatory for democracy. Shame that legislation to limit the power of NI will never get passed.

The concentration of media power is one of the greatest threats to society and an agenda for social change, far beyond the distractions of bankers pay and politicians perks.

Policy time?

Penri James said...

Clive - you are right, the hand isn't hidden.