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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Shoppers urged to proactively select Welsh dairy products

Plaid Cymru’s Westminster candidate for Ceredigion, Penri James, has urged on shoppers in Wales to ensure that they purchase dairy products made using Welsh milk.
Penri James made his appeal during the Plaid Cymru conference at Llandudno, and hopes that a greater emphasis on milk and cheese products from Wales will mirror the successful increase in demand for Welsh lamb and beef.

Commenting on the need to ensure that people proactively search for Welsh dairy products while shopping, Penri James said:

“It’s about time that we do the same for Welsh milk and cheese as we have already successfully done for our lamb and beef. Shoppers now instinctively search for meat which has been reared locally and I believe that the same can be achieved with dairy products. Buying locally produced food not only supports the local agriculture industry but also reduces food miles and contributes to reducing our personal carbon footprint.

“Unfortunately, supermarkets currently predominantly feature mass-produced cheese as part of their special offers. This situation needs to be rectified and our supermarkets must accept responsibility and proactively market Welsh cheese products as part of their special offer deals. In turn, this will ensure that a greater proportion of the Welsh population is made aware of the selection of cheeses which are produced using local milk”.

Penri James also promised to raise the possibility of obtaining a special designation for Welsh milk and associated products, similar to the PGI designation which has been awarded o Welsh beef and lamb by the European Union.

Penri James further commented:

“I believe that it’s essential that we look at every possible way of supporting our dairy industry in Wales. I will therefore be raising this matter with the Minister for Rural Affairs, Elin Jones AM, in order to explore the possibility of obtaining a special geographic designation for Welsh dairy produce”.

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