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Sunday, 27 September 2009

UAV crash Aberporth 23-9-2009

I did hear about this one on Saturday. In the interests of transparency there should be a statement by the operators on what actually happened.


Anonymous said...

I think the issue isn't why the crash happened, but that it happened atall. It's the people on the ground I am concerned about, not the excuses of the military contractors who are flying the UAVs as expressed in any statement from them.

The second crash in as many months of UAVs flying out of Parc Aberporth and the Assembly is trying to get the CAA to create a 500 square mile testing zone overland in West Wales.

Get your hard hats people. The UAVs are coming.

More information at

Penri James said...

I think we need to be sure that the safety of residents is paramount. It is my intention to find out what has happened and make representations.