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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Saturday 19th September

The onset of the Party Conferences signal another step up in activity before the General Election is called, probably sometime next April or May, so they tell me! Saturday's from now on will be filled with visits around Ceredigion and yesterday was no exception. I am actually quite excited about it all.
The early afternoon was spent in Pontarfynach at Miri Mynach, a fete of activity celebrating life in and around Pontarfynach. Wonderful time with Cllr Rhodri Davies the hard working County Council Member.
Met a lady who openly admitted that she was a Liberal and was so pleased that people from Ceredigion were willing to stand for Parliament. She thought this was much better than having candidates coming in from outside since they thought more of their careers than of Ceredigion. I did gently remind her that the current MP was from afar to which she replied "but he does now live in Borth". Ah well, you can't win them all!
On to Cartref Tregerddan and the annual September Afternoon Tea organised by the League of friends of which I am Chair. Opened the Tea promptly at 2.30pm but I should have waited a while for the MP to arrive with family and local potentate in tow! The Tea raised £1200 which will be spent at the Home quite soon. The work done by staff at the Home is second to none as it provides first class care and makes the Home feel part of the community. Long may it continue.

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