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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Aberystwyth with Adam Price MP

Spent Friday evening with Adam Price MP giving a talk to Plaid members in Aberystwyth on the National Vet School for Wales campaign. Adam spoke in his usual eloquent style on the credit crunch, banking problems, the economic difficulties that small nations like Wales face, and the Plaid response to these difficulties. We were told to expect a formal announcement on these next week. One point of interest was the needs for investment in public infrastructure projects as a means of stimulating the economy. Lets prepare a list for Wales and make sure we are at the front of the queue as it has been repeated by Government sources on Sunday morning.

My line on a new vet school in Aberystwyth goes something like this; there is a scarcity of graduates with large animal expertise, monitoring and controlling animal diseases will become increasingly important with climate change, institutions like Aberystwyth University have aspirations that develop their higher education provision but also contribute significantly to the local economy, and finally it is part of a new agenda for Wales that creates national institutions for a self respecting country. These arguments are good enough for me but they need to be articulated widely to make the case to individuals and organisations that will eventually decide the fate of the project. It is an ambition where we are seeing many pieces of the jigsaw lining up. Now is the time to strike.

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