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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Vote for positives

It is so much better to vote 'for' something positive rather than vote for the opposing camp because you 'dislike' or 'hate' a candidate or a set of views. Its particularly disturbing that some American voters are taking precisely this approach and the Republicans are getting benefit from it. John McCain attempted to lance the boil on Friday (see BBC) probably because he knew that John Lewis was going to voice his concerns. Not enough I'm afraid.

Don't believe that such despicable behaviour isn't used over here, the algorithm goes something like this
  • Government/Organisation/Company makes proposals not likely to be delivered in the short term,
  • MP/MEP/AM responds that he/she is angry/annoyed/dismayed at these proposals,
  • MP/MEP/AM frightens life out of interested parties,
  • MP/MEP/AM and only MP/MEP/AM will save populace from such proposals.

Have a look for this algorithm in the local press, no prizes. Clue - The name of the MP/MEP/AM is usually the first 2 words in the first paragraph. It actually makes them sound a bit like the Mr Men, "Mr Angry", "Mr Annoyed", "Mr Dismayed".

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