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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Letter to Cambrian News - costly Lib Dems

Dear Editor,

I was very disappointed to read Mark Williams MP’s criticism last week of the Assembly Government’s intention to merge Local Health Boards and NHS Trusts in Wales and create seven regional health bodies. Mr Williams has conveniently forgotten that it was his Lib Dem party which supported the creation of the 22 Local Health Boards in Wales when they briefly shared power with Labour in Cardiff many years ago. As a result, as many as 50 NHS organisations have existed at the same time in Wales!

It’s quite evident that our MP and his Lib Dem counterparts would prefer to have six Chief Executives and six Directors of Finance in Dyfed rather than one of each to serve the whole area. I wonder how many local residents would prefer this costly Lib Dem policy rather than an emphasis on improving frontline health services preferred by the present Plaid-Labour Assembly Government. Improving local healthcare is more important that preserving bureaucracy and high-paid posts.

Yours sincerely,

Penri James


Anonymous said...

A warning

Watch what's happening to McCain and his negative knocking - the same could happen to you. First you must establish in people's minds that you are a positive candidate. That has not happened yet.
You are in danger of reinforcing the public perception that you are indulging in revenge attacks against the Lib-Dems for past losses.

You need to be a bit more subtle

Penri James said...

John McCain is rightly being hammered for his negativity but Barak Obama is just as bad. There is a distinct difference between negative campaining and highlighting a weakness in a political argument. I agree with anonymous about positive campaigning and shall take your advice on board. However the point here is to highlight the weakness in the Lib Dem argument. I am all for getting rid of expensive executives wheras the Lib Dems seem to be in favour of retaining as many as possible at the expense of frontline services. There is no need to be subtle about this point.