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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Friends of Cartref Tregerddan

The Friends of Cartref Tregerddan is a voluntary support organisation set up over 25 years ago, primarily to raise money to support the care of those living at Cartref Tregerddan, Bow Street, but also to respond to changes in policy and operation instigated by Ceredigion County Council and others. It has been an honour to be its Chair for the past few years. The Friends are a focal point for interested members of the community and representatives of local community councis. It meets at approximately 2 monthly intervals and has raised over £60k locally to improve the well being of residents. The main fundraising events are the summer barbeque, autumn tea, christmas raffle and monthly whist drives. We also make regular grant applications to Cronfa Eleri and the Lady Grace Trust to buy the most expensive items. During the past 25 years the Friends have paid for trips for residents, Christmas presents and also substantial capital projects like specialist beds, a conservatory and more recently a large open porch to allow ambulances to park near the front door in shelter when picking up passengers.
It is so important for homes like Tregerddan to have community support, it is important for residents to make sure they remain part of the community, to staff who maintain the highest levels of care often in trying circumstances, but it is also important to the community as an expession of the fact that we still care about all members of society not just the priviliged few.
Contributing to the work of the Friends gives me a real sense of satisfaction.

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