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Friday, 10 October 2008

Vet School Campaign gathers support

My speech at the Plaid Cymru Conference calling for a vet school to be set up in Wales has gathered support. Thank you all.

An Early Day Motion put forward by Elfyn Llwyd MP on a NATIONAL VETERINARY SCHOOL FOR WALES has gathered MP support which cane be tracked here

That this House notes the importance of the veterinary profession to the livestock industry and in pet care; considers that the recent outbreaks of bluetongue and foot and mouth disease in the UK will adversely affect animal welfare and the productivity of the agricultural industry and require significant monitoring input from acknowledged experts; further notes that there is a growing demand for highly trained veterinarians that is currently being met by an increasing number of foreign-trained graduates; acknowledges that Wales, uniquely among the nations of the UK, has no veterinary school; and further considers that additional veterinary training to meet demand would be achieved by establishing a National Veterinary School for Wales in Aberystwyth in order to complement the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University.

I am pleased that the local MP has provided his support. Would it be churlish for me to suggest that this is yet another campaign that the Lib Dems will support only later to claim that they are the leading lights? - we shall wait and see but I shall keep you informed.

What is important here is that all parties see the benefits of establishing a vet school in Aberystwyth, benefits to the local economy and to education. Its a fight we can and must win for Ceredigion.

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