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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Home and mortgage help

The credit crunch and subsequent economic downturn should have focussed the minds of politicians on keeping people faced with the loss of their job in their homes. Reposessions are increasing and its good to see that Welsh Assembly Ministers have introduced a £5m mortgage rescue scheme. Good move earlier this summer and considering subsequent events, an inspired one as well. However, it is likely to need more than £5m in the pot. Central government has woken up and is considering action on reposessions.

Good progress so far by the Assembly, so what are our Welsh MP's doing? It seems the Welsh Affairs Committee are not best pleased by one measure on housing - The proposed draft National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Housing) Order 2008 - and want to restrict powers on affordable housing devolved to the Assembly. Not a good start when it comes to having real powers to deal with real issues that will affect people's homes and mortgages on a daily basis. The Presiding Officer is right in his criticism Tensions rise over housing powers. There is a great danger that MP's will increasingly be seen as being obstructive and obtuse. If you don't think the Assembly can do the work, what do you propose instead?

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