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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Cost of street lighting

Interesting article by the BBC on How much does it cost to operate a street light? which ties in with what rumour control is saying in Ceredigion. Apparently it costs anything from £14 to £90 per light running costs, depending on type, to keep them on during the winter months. I still think that you should only switch lights off where the community thinks they should be switched off and in other places switch every other light off, provided the community agrees. That should save half the cost. Rumour control also says that switching every other light off is not possible because they either don't have a timer or switch on/off as a result of a light sensitive cell. Some local authorities like Torfaen have decided to put timers on their lights that allows some to be switched off. This is a case of investing for tommorow and is good practice. It should get more publicity.

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