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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Liberal Democrats want to ban bottled water from Ceredigion

If there is something Ceredigion has plenty of its water, and if the consumer is willing to pay for water in bottled fashion then let it contribute to the local economy. Its for this reason we have two successful companies TyNant and Llanllyr selling water to the wider public and the restraunt trade in particular. The bottles are elegant and the water tasty, well done them on creating a valuable product!
You may well have heard of a proposed ban on bottled water in Australia but the Liberal Democrats want it extended to Ceredigion and beyond. On Dau o'r Bae last Friday 10/7/2009 Cllr Mark Cole (right hand man to Mark Williams MP and current Mayor of Cardigan) agreed with Vaughan Roderick that we should 'definitely' ban bottled water. What was he thinking? The cost to the Ceredigion economy would be substantial.
I wonder what leading Ceredigion Liberal Democrat Mattew Gee thinks of this? He and his brother run the Llanllyr operation and are likely not to be best pleased with Cllr Cole's utterances. What about all the individuals who work for the two companies? Ban bottled water says Cllr Cole and put them out of work, not good advice with the economy in its current perilous state.
Think before you speak Cllr Cole. With friends like this.....................!!!


Clive King said...

Posh people would die in their 1000's if a global bottled water ban was introduced. Upper middle class genocide!

Improvements to the life cycle of bottle would be of interest. Like most Cardies I reduce, recycle and reuse the original posh bottle by refilling with tap water over and over again.

Penri James said...

Recycling is a serious issue with bottled water but a ban - NO. Your actions are sensible and to be recommended.